TLD Vision is a research company focusing on real-time object tracking in videos. The ability to track objects is at the core of any application that aims to understand raw video data. Potential use-cases range from consummer augmented reality (AR glasses) up to millitary survellance from UAVs.

Our company is positioned between academia and industry. Using the latest knowledge from academia we develop algorithms best suitable for our industrial partners.

Revolutionary Object-Tracking Video Software

"It learns as it tracks. It watches for movements in the object, and works out what it looks like from various angles and in different lighting conditions. It's astonishing stuff."

Giles Turnbull, TIME

Smart camera learns to recognise you from any angle

"Humans learn more about another's appearance the more we look at them ... now a smart camera has been developed that can do the same thing."

Helen Knight, NewScientist

Predator Smart Camera Locks Onto, Tracks Anything ... Mercilessly

"Predator object-tracking software is almost uncanny. Show anything to its all-seeing camera eye, and it will quickly learn to recognize it and then track it, whether it fades into the distance."

Charlie Sorrel, WIRED

Zdenek Kalal's object tracking algorithm learns on the fly, likely to make next 007 flick

"It takes the task of tracking objects to an entirely new platform, enabling users to select an object on the fly and have the algorithm immediately start tracking something new."

Darren Murph, Engadget